Most Asked Questions!
​​Q. What’s the difference between Karate and Self Defence?
A.  Karate is one style of  traditional martial arts and can be a bit limited when it comes to personal safety where as Self Defence combines various styles for different situations i.e  grabs, kicks and punches or protecting yourself while on the ground.

Q. Why is Self defence is good for kids?
A.  It helps kids protect themselves both mentally and physically to overcome daily challenges and build their self esteem.

Q. How many kids are in your classes?
A.  So we can offer personalised coaching and mentoring, the average class size ranges from 5 to 13 kids.

Q. When can my child try a free class?
A. Having a flexible schedule, free trials can be taken Monday to Friday from 5.30 pm.

Q. How does my child start their free trial lesson?
A. Call  0401359458 to make an appointment.

Q. Could My Kid get Hurt?
A.  We take precautions to provide a safe environment for all classes , i.e when practicing striking drills,protective equipment is worn and our 90 m2 training area is covered with foam mats.

Q. What happens during the trial lesson? 
A.  Your child will be shown how to become focused, confident and learn some basic self defence moves.

Q.  What should my child wear?
A.   Comfortable clothing, i.e T-Shirt and shorts or track suit pants, depending on the weather.
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