Most Asked Questions!

​​Q. Self defence! Is it good for kids? 
A. Yes,it helps kids protect themselves both mentally and physically to overcome daily challenges and improve their confidence. Self Defence combines various styles of martial arts for different situations i.e. grabs, kicks and punches and protecting yourself while on the ground.

Q.How many kids are in your classes?
A.So we can offer personalised coaching and mentoring,the average class size ranges from 5 to 13 kids.

Q.What days are you open?
A.We are open Monday to Friday, from 5.30 pm.

Q.Free Trial?  
A.Your free trial is an introductory lesson that will you help you decide if martial arts is suitable for you and your child. At the end of the free lesson you have the option to start our 30 day trial.                                                                                       

Q.30 Day Trial?
A.Our 30 day trial is where your child will start improving their confidence. At the end of the 30 day trial you have the option to join our basic program.

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